CVS Success Strategies

The most successful CVS shoppers plan out their deals long before they are even available. Does this sound intimidating? Don’t let it. We bloggers love to help others, even if it means more competition in the aisles for us.

To get started at CVS, implement these success strategies:

  1. Collect manufacturers coupons (Sunday paper is a MUST!)
  2. Organize them in some fashion.
  3. Implement a separate, smaller organizer for all your CVS “stuff”. (I use a cancelled check file, pink, of course).
  4. Scope out frugal blogs frequently for updates on all things CVS.
  5. Print internet coupons for even more savings.
  6. Read other shopping success stories for inspiration, tips and tricks. These are posted weekly at many blogs.
  7. Plan your shopping trip with different options, because they are always out of something.
  8. Start small. Do one transaction that will earn you some ECBs. Roll them over on another small transaction.
  9. You will learn as you go. You may make mistakes, but don’t get discouraged.

*Note- CVS sales/deals run both monthly and weekly (Sunday through Saturday).

New shoppers to CVS may appreciate my weekly $5 Challenges, with scenarios just for beginners.

Another great option for beginners is The Grocery Game. This helpful website posts a user-friendly CVS “list” every Monday with that week’s deals, and does all your coupon matching for you. You can try the Grocery Game free for the first 4 weeks. It is a wonderful way to learn the system!

Question for Readers: if you have not tried the CVS “game”, what is holding you back? Please share here in comments. Does it seem overwhelming?

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