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Honest Couponing: Follow Up

Posted By Alyssa Francis On August 25, 2008 @ 9:33 am In Coupon Tips | 19 Comments

[1]Dana’s guest post last week [2] caused quite a stir throughout the blogosphere. It is a conversation that desperately needs to be heard among the frugal.

Here are just a handful of comments that struck me:

“I’ve seen several areas where I have let my desire for a great deal override my judgment and God’s principles. I have been convicted about it and am now turning things around… I know that by taking advantage of the stores, companies, and deals, I am destroying the generosity they have offered, and God’s trust in me.”

“My husband and I really are NEEDING to be frugal as we start off our marriage, but we’re trying to do it all to honor the Lord, and using a coupon I knew wasn’t legit, was not honoring Him and wasn’t worth it!”

“Thanks for the discussion. Very important info that really hits home. I think I needed to hear it today!”

“Like others, I have used and even posted coupons not intended for me. I think couponing can be as bad of an addiction as some of the more obvious bad addictions. It’s probably easier to get away with abusing coupon priviledges and more than likely you won’t be arrested for printing a $2/10 CVS coupon, but God sees and knows everything we do.”

“But from this blog I can see that the real issue here is not about the manufacturer or the store it’s about ME (and you) and our Lord. Not only is this thing dishonest but yes, it is bad for the reputation of fellow couponers and the future of couponing but the worst thing is that is says to our Lord – I don’t trust you. I don’t trust that you will take care of me in this trying economical time and I don’t trust that you will provide me with all the things I need and I don’t trust you that I can get by if I don’t get every single item free or discounted. Of course, the Bible says we should trust in the Lord with ALL of our hearts.”

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*Other Notes:

I also want to clear up a few misconceptions I noticed. First of all, using a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale is not necessarily misuse of coupons. Depending on your manager at CVS, this is usually allowed. Walgreens, on the other hand, does not allow it.

Since the BOGO sale is a store promotion, and the coupon is a manufacturer’s promotion, the store will be 100% reimbursed for the price of one item.

My best advice is to find out your specific store’s coupon policy. This is usually easy to obtain by emailing customer service. Getting something in writing is your best bet, since you can present it at the store if necessary.

In regards to $/$$ CVS coupons, it was widely believed throughout the blogosphere that these were legitimate and perfectly fine to use. Only recently, a post at Hot Coupon World changed that conception.

My personal policy as of late is to only use CVS coupons that I obtain from the magic coupon machine [5], or from a personal email.

What changes, if any, have you decided to make since reading about Honest Couponing [2]?

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