Pregnant… and Frugal?

Confession time:

My frugal nature is fading fast. Each day of this pregnancy brings new challenges. Intense cravings, fatigue, nausea, and now dizzy spells.

This combo makes shopping the last thing I feel like doing. The last time I went to CVS? I couldn’t tell you. Thankfully, I have a hefty stockpile of toiletries on hand. But food, well, that’s another issue.

Several times over the last few weeks, I have literally sent hubby running to the store to satisfy a need for gingerale, or sourdough bread, or most recently, vanilla ice cream.

This is not like me at all! I normally do most of the shopping for our family. Oh, and I also normally prefer chocolate.

My poor coupon binder is out of date, and my inserts are piling up, uncut. We have eaten out more times than I care to admit over the last month.

I feel like a total frugal failure.

But then, Crystal shared her struggles in this area. Our due dates are one week apart, and we were both shocked rather surprised by our impending bundles of joy. Although I have never met her, I deeply admire Crystal as a mother and blogger.

Simply reading her words about letting go of some frugal ways during this season was so encouraging.

I am still trying to figure out how she manages to keep up with not one, but two blogs with such frequency. Lately, I am barely managing to squeak out one post per day! My inbox is overflowing, and my to do list sits neglected. Most of my free time lately is spent horizontal.

I know once I get past this first trimester, things will improve. Nesting will kick in. I hope to jump right into frugal overdrive and start stockpiling diapers like Kacie.

But until then, I am giving myself a break. Spending a little more than usual on food will not devastate our finances. My wonderful husband will continue to satisfy my crazy cravings. Yes, even if I want nothing but french fries for dinner.

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About Alyssa Francis

A thirty-something wife and mother of four! Two daughters by birth, one son by marriage, and a sweet baby boy born in April of 2009. Oldest sister of four girls raised by a single mom. California native. Grew up in Hawaii. Somehow ended up in North Texas. Once a single mom. Former agnostic. A survivor of abuse and addiction. Forgiven by a great big God. Married to my best friend.


  1. Country Log Cabin Quilter says:

    Most of us can probably relate! It’s been 35 years for me, but I know how you are feeling and it’s not fun. However, it is sure worth it in the end! So, please pamper and take care of yourself.

  2. Yeah! Don’t be hard on yourself at all. You’re busy growing a person! That takes a lot of energy.

    Because you’ve made good shopping decisions in the past with your stockpile, you can take it quite a bit easier now without worrying about running out of shampoo or something (right?) :)

    Hope you’re well.

  3. Penny Pinching Parent says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. The most important thing right now is to take good care of yourself (and that evens means meeting cravings). Every once in a blue moon I take a weekend off from being frugal… just because. It’s hard work being frugal all the time.

  4. This totally happened to me when I was pregnant with the twins… and then I got put on bed rest and COULDN’T shop or cook or do much of anything. Our budget took a big hit, because I felt so bad for hubby taking care of everything we ate a lot of take-out.

    Just remember this: it’s temporary, and there’s no better excuse for doing it than growing another human!

  5. I am in the same boat as you and I thank you for this post. I am 11 weeks pregnant and can’t keep up with it all either. I have no energy and the grocery store makes me nauseous. Thanks for this post because I know I’m not alone!

  6. ChristianPF says:

    good thing you have a good hubby to take care of you!!

  7. Don’t be hard on yourself. I’m not even pregnant, and I go through weeks where the last thing I feel like doing is figuring out deals and coupons. On those weeks, I just don’t. I often beat myself up about it, but I’m trying not to.
    YOU have an excuse. :) Take a break, relax, and enjoy that baby growing in your tummy! :)

  8. Rick Vaughn says:

    Coupon Binder that is ingenious. Your preganant so your allowed. From reading you other post it doesn’t not seem your current spending spree is to be permanent.

  9. I TOTALLY understand! My frugalness went by the wayside when I was pregnant with Eva in the hot Texas summer. Yep – that meant $400 electric bills because I was NOT going to be hot in my last trimester!

    Hang in there. Your energy surge will come soon. :)

  10. Alyssa me and Poopoo will be going to the park of Johnson over by the Library and Highschool around 1:00 if you are up for a playdate today :)

  11. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    You should not feel bad at all! You need your rest and this is temporary so just enjoy. Think of all your months of excellent frugality as saving up and preparing for this time during your pregnancy. You’ll be back on track in no time.

  12. uppervalleymom says:

    I just yesterday posted about my “bargain shopping perfectionism” and how it has gotten in the way of my frugalness. And I can’t even blame it on pregnancy or anything else.

    I think we all deserve it once in a while. Enjoy this period before the new little one arrives — there’s tons of time left to clip your coupons and replenish the stockpile later. Hope you’re feeling OK.

  13. Frugal Felicia says:

    Hang in there! That is why we stockpile…so if there comes a time we need to take full advantage of it we can. Whether it is not buying because we don’t have the money or we are unable to get out to do so.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  14. Alyssa,

    It WILL get better! I know it is so difficult trying to balance everything when all you want to do is hug the toilet.

    I appreciated Crystal’s post as well – staying balanced and understanding what season you are in is key.

    Praying you feel better!

  15. Oh you poor thing! “letting go of some frugal ways during this season” is understandable. Take care of yourself first.

  16. I am glad you are letting this go for this little season in your life. Everyone deserves that and so do you!! Enjoy not stressing and I am sure you will make up for it later when those nesting instincts kick in :)

  17. Jessie Francis says:

    i know EXACTLY what you’re going through. am in my 3rd pregnancy, 5 weeks left and the first trimester was all about surviving. we ate dinner out so much that my 3 year old started asking not “what’s for dinner?”, but “what restaurant are we going to tonight?” that’s not a fabrication! you’re going to have to give yourself a break and learn to be ok with it. even if it means that you are the opposite of frugal for awhile. you have saved your family a ton of money thus far and you can have a few months off. you’ll feel better again eventually and get back to the nitty gritty.

  18. You have a very sweet hubby!

    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  19. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says:

    Hang in there, dear! I hope you are feeling better soon, and in the meantime, do the best you can!

    For me it was all root beer all the time when it came to cravings ;)

    Take care,

  20. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says:

    Hang in there, dear! I hope you are feeling better soon, and in the meantime, do the best you can!

    For me it was all root beer all the time when it came to cravings ;)

    Take care,

  21. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says:

    Hang in there, dear! I hope you are feeling better soon, and in the meantime, do the best you can!

    For me it was all root beer all the time when it came to cravings ;)

    Take care,

  22. Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says:

    Hang in there, dear! I hope you are feeling better soon, and in the meantime, do the best you can!

    For me it was all root beer all the time when it came to cravings ;)

    Take care,

  23. Oh my Alyssa I think you really have it all together. You are still doing way better then I ever do, and you are pregnent! Just remember there is someone ALWAYS worse off somewhere. Thank God for blessing you with another child! You are doing great! I love your blog and you are such an encouragment to my family! Have a great one..

  24. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I’m a fan of your blog, and I recently started my own. I added your link to my ‘favorite blogs’ list. :) If you ever want to stop by my blog is


  25. Yes, hon, give yourself a much needed break. My fourth pregnancy was a lot like that… I don’t recall clipping many coupons (except for baby ones) or worrying about saving money while shopping. If I did make it to the store I just tried to get it done as quickly (or as slowly) as my body would allow. Don’t pressure yourself… you deserve to let things go a little to take care of you, the growing baby and keep as much handle on everything that you can. It’s good that you have your pregnant blogging buddy to experience this with you. There’s nothing like another person who understands exactly what you’re going through. Take care, k?


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