Tips for Successful Back-to-School Meals

August and September have brought the inevitable time of back-to-school. Whether you are a homeschooling mom, or you send your kiddos off to public/private school each day, there is plenty to be gleaned from our Eat Well, Spend Less series this month.

  • If you are lacking in lunch ideas, you will lack no more. Shaina’s got you covered with her ABC’s of School Lunch.
  • I definitely do not like it when my kiddos waste food, and because I homeschool I actually see the food they waste as they waste it! If you lovingly pack a lunch for your children five days a week and then wonder if they actually eat it, take heed of these Katie’s 10 Tips to Pack Brilliant School Lunches (and avoid wasting food).
  • Evenings can be crazy, what with soccer practice, dance lessons, church… you get the idea. For those nights (and when you simply don’t feel like cooking), be inspired by Jessica’s Quick Meals for Busy Nights. Your sanity will thank you.
  • Aimee shares how she is restoring order in her home and Bringing Back the Menu Plan for Fall. So, if you (like me!) have slacked on the menu-planning this summer, now is the time to get back on it.
  • And speaking of menu-planning, Mandi has an excellent idea that I need to try out. She is sharing how she does Once-a-Month Menu Planning and Shopping. One major shopping trip a month? I think yes!
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