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How do I find a particular coupon?
You are most welcome to use my free searchable coupon database [1] to locate a particular coupon.

What does SS/RP, etc. mean?
If you are new to couponing, read coupon lingo explained [2].

How do I use coupons ethically?
This is a great question, and it is addressed here in Honest Couponing [3] and a follow up [4].

How do I get started shopping at CVS or Walgreens?
If you are new to the drugstore game, the weekly $5 Challenges [5] are just for you!

How can I save money on printer ink?
You may be new to printing coupons and wondering how to conserve resources. I highly recommend purchasing a laser printer to save in the long run. Read more tips for saving  money on ink [6].

How can I make a coupon binder?
Watch my coupon binder video tutorial [7] for ideas.

Do you have a button I can put on my blog?
I sure do! Grab the graphic here [8].

Can I link to one of your posts on my blog?
Absolutely. Links are most welcome in the blogosphere! I just ask that you do not copy and paste my content.

How do I start a blog?
I get this question a lot. :) My blog began as a hobby and fun way to share my knowledge and faith with my friends.  Today, it is all that and also a business. Read a few Blogging Tips and Tricks [9], then check out Blogging Basics 101 [10] and Blogging with Amy [11] for comprehensive tutorials.

Can you add my blog to your blogroll or can we exchange links?
I feature a small blogroll with blogs I read regularly and adore. At this time, I am not adding more blogs nor do I participate in link exchanges.  That may sound a bit harsh, but I do get asked this frequently so I have to set some boundaries. :)

Can I advertise on your blog?
I am currently offering limited ad space to fellow bloggers only at reasonable rates. More info here [12].

Can you mention my cause/vote for me/share my giveaway on your blog?
I handle these requests on a case by case basis, but cannot honor them all. If you have a giveaway to share, I recommend linking it to Deal Seeking Mom’s weekly Giveaway Gathering [13].

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes! I feature original guest posts 1-2 times per month from fellow bloggers. See previous guest posts here [14], and if you are interested in guest posting, feel free to contact me [15].

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