Using Coupons on Healthier Foods

Have you noticed anything different about your grocery receipts lately? Eating well on a budget is no easy task, and it’s getting tougher by the day. Not one to throw up her hands, Jessica of Life As Mom has assembled a team of bloggers to help you maximize your savings in the kitchen. Our Eat Well, Spend Less series will cover critical topics about saving money on food costs, including bulk storage, pantry staples, coupons, and much more.

The series will run over the next three weeks on nine diverse blogs. Are you ready to dig in and learn?

Coupons and Healthy Choices

Do the words “coupon” and “healthy” belong in the same sentence? Perhaps. First, let’s be clear that we all have our own ideas of what healthy eating looks like. For some, this means cooking entirely from scratch with organic ingredients and freshly ground wheat. For others, including myself, healthy means cooking from scratch and eating organic whenever possible, with a few convenience foods thrown in as needed. No matter where you fall in the healthy spectrum, we all want to save money in the kitchen. Coupons can be part of this goal if you use them strategically. [Read more...]

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Walgreen’s Official Coupon Policy Now Online

Great news for Walgreens shoppers! They have finally provided an “official” coupon policy online. Can I get a HOORAY?

The policy addresses many issues and questions I often hear about using coupons at Walgreens along with the weekly $5 Challenge.

For example:

  • Walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons.
  • When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.
  • The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).

Read the complete policy online, and consider printing it out to reference as needed while shopping.

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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Save Money on Printer Ink


Free printable coupons are more available than ever before. Chances are, if you are new to the world of couponing, your printer is getting a hefty workout!

I am often asked by readers how to save money on costly printer ink. This is a tough question, since there is no one right answer. Different types of printers require different types of ink and the cost can vary greatly.

The biggest question is usually about colored ink.

Can you print coupons in black and white? The short answer is yes, this does not affect the validity of your coupon. However, with coupon fraud being a major issue for retailers, careful cashiers are more likely to question a black and white coupon. Printing in color can eliminate some potential hassle at the register.

Can you print coupons in draft (quick print)? Absolutely. As long as the coupon is legible, it should scan just fine.

A popular option for saving money on ink is to refill your empty cartridges. However, I have heard horror stories about ruined printers with this method, so I do not personally recommend it.

You can take your empty cartridges into your local office supply store for recycling and earn rewards. Eventually those rewards could add up to some free ink.

The best option for saving money on printer ink in my opinion is to purchase refurbished cartridges. These typically must be ordered online, and will require shipping, so be sure to order before you run out of ink! is a reputable online retailer for refurbished ink and toner cartridges.

Another option I recommend is, with free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Both companies have 100% satisfaction guarantees, so if there is any problem with your ink, you can return it hassle-free for one full year from the date of purchase. They also accept multiple forms of payment, including PayPal, which is a major plus in my book! There is no sales tax on any purchases unless you are in California (sorry, Mom).

And, to make this even sweeter, if you are a ShopAtHome member, you can earn a 20% rebate on your purchase from either company!  Keep in mind you must reach $20 in your account before you receive cash back, and new members get a $5 bonus with their first purchase.

Do you have other tips for saving money on printer ink?

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How NOT to Organize Your Coupons

During my never-ending difficult pregnancy last year, I fell off the frugal wagon. Bargain shopping was the last thing on my mind.

Since then, I am back to using coupons, but not with the same vengeance I once had.

And here is why…


Yep, that’s several months weeks worth of coupon inserts. In a pile. Next to my empty coupon binder.

I wrote the date on the front of each one, but that’s as far as I got! Sigh.

I love my coupon binder. Really, I do! But it’s just not working for me anymore. My family has grown, along with my blog, and there is not as much time to clip and file these days.

Surely there is a better way. I have been (painfully) reminded that without a well-maintained system for your coupons, you just will not maximize your potential savings.

So there you have it. My big. fat. fail.

Operation organize-my-coupons has begun.

What is your favorite time-saving method for your coupons?

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