Day in the Life: July

Recently, I’ve had a few friends ask me how I “do it all.” My response? I don’t. There is so much that doesn’t get done, it’s either laugh or cry. I have written a few “Day in the Life” posts on Amy Loves It, and I thought it would be entertaining – if to no one else but myself ;) – to share a few of my days over here.


I pretty much woke up on Tuesday morning and thought, “Oh! It would be fun to document today as my Day in the Life.” My morning began when Shane woke me up at 7:20. Don’t worry… I hadn’t been asleep long. I worked until 1:30 am, and fed Cam two or three times during those 6 hours. Shane hands Cam off and brings my laptop and a cup of coffee to me so I can do a little work.

At 8, Shane has left for work and the girls are beginning to trickle into the living room. After a few minutes of lounging around, Abby Grace and Reese head off to play, and take Cam with them. I spend a little more time working, and then change Cam’s diaper. It’s a doozy, so Abby Grace entertains him while I take care of that and then begin a load of laundry. (I also sneak passed them to get dressed… before 8:30! Score!) Cam is ready to nurse again, so back to the recliner we go.

Meleah pops up at about 9, and the girls begin asking for breakfast. Whoops. Fifteen minutes later, everyone is eating granola bars. I slept too late to get a hot breakfast made before Cam woke up. It happens. Oh. Did I mention I love the new little easy-feeding baby food pouches? They make my life so much easier. You know, since my babe won’t eat anything that isn’t really thin?!


After breakfast, the girls pull out their Bibles and I read today’s Scriptures aloud while Abby finds a quiet place to read silently. Then, Reese and Meleah take their Bibles and spend a few minutes in quiet time. I pop Cam into the playpen and begin folding the blankets from last night’s sleepover in the living room. Usually, he is good in the playpen as long as he can see me. Not today. I finish folding while Cam protests. He has at least three teeth coming in on top, so he’s a bit cranky. Plus, it’s nap time, so I scoop him up and the little bugger immediately stops crying. I check Meleah’s stitches and am pleased to see the swelling in her face is almost gone.


It’s 10 am, and the girls get started on their school work while I put Cam down for his nap.

Twenty-five minutes later, Cam is staring at me from his crib. I give him a few minutes to fuss (sometimes he just wants to rub his face against the sheets) and check on the girls. His fussing doesn’t last long before the crying (aka screaming… he skips crying and goes straight to screaming) begins, so we settle in to nurse, and he goes to sleep.

The girls have almost completed their independent work, so it’s time to read with Reese. I start Meleah on a phonics game on the iPad and Reese and I begin Reading. Abby Grace accidentally did four lessons in Math instead of three, so she is still working. After that, she heads to the bedroom for her Reading.


Cam wakes up at ten after twelve, and we have finished everything except Latin, which we will do after lunch. Cam plays while I finish copying next week’s Handwriting pages. After that is complete, I see that Cam is still playing happily, so I input grades on the computer… from LAST week. Oops!

Shane arrives home, and we eat lunch, which is uneventful. Before he leaves, Shane sets up our Latin DVD for the girls to watch while I put Cam down for his afternoon nap.


Forty minutes, a little wrestling, two attempts to lay him down, and he’s still not asleep. Sigh. I lay him down in his crib awake to go check on the girls. They have finished their DVD and are waiting to do their Latin workbook. I find that Abby Grace has taken notes while watching the video. Be still my heart. Meanwhile, my little man is not too happy, so after we finish the workbook, I rock him while the girls play.

3:15 and Cam is finally asleep in his crib. Hallelujah! The girls want to watch the Latin video again, so we grab a snack and settle in front of the tv for the video. Afterward, I pull out supper and do a little work.

Cam only slept thirty minutes, so by the time I’m ready to begin supper, he’s up and raring to go. He must have known I was in the kitchen, because he loves to play in my cabinets!


A little after 4, I call in reinforcements because Cam is getting antsy and I need to get supper in the oven so we can eat on time. The girls play with him and then we have a visitor. After I get supper started, I snag the hungry little man, who would rather watch his sisters than eat.

Shane rolls in about 4:45 and takes over Cam duty. While supper cooks, I unload the dishwasher and manage to break a coffee cup. I definitely prefer glass over plastic, but boy you don’t want to drop it!

And, I spoke too soon. Cam is playing in my cabinet and broke a plastic cup not five minutes after I broke the glass one. Fortunately, it didn’t shatter, but a few pieces came off. Needless to say, my kitchen floor is pretty clean right now! Ha!

After we eat, the girls head to the bedroom to play (and argue!), while Shane rocks Cam to sleep. I clean up the kitchen while we chat. I whip up a batch of blueberry muffins and then it’s time to put the kiddos to bed. They’ve fixed up another sleepover in the living room, and are pretty rambunctious. I lose my patience (to put it mildly), and end up apologizing for my behavior. Ugh. Not a very “good Mommy” moment. I am lacking in the patience area, and I know I need to work on it. Maybe it’s bedtime for me, as well.

I kiss the girls goodnight and apologize once more before heading to the bedroom with Cam. He nurses, but has not been falling asleep the last few nights. Instead, he thinks it’s playtime and starts smiling and cooing (which is totally sweet). {Oh, and if you are wondering when this kid actually sleeps? He doesn’t. At least not much.} I still have a bit of work to do, so Shane gets Cam and takes him to the recliner where they will probably spend the entire night (it’s not that big of a deal tonight, since he was sleeping in there with the girls anyway, but Shane helps me out like this on a regular basis).

I finally close the computer at midnight. I had to finish writing this post and one for tomorrow morning. Sleep. I’m ready for it. (If you think this was just a crazy day, it wasn’t… this is a normal day. Well, minus the broken cups! And, I don’t always lose my patience so severely.)

top photo credit: mireia. via photopin cc

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May Wrap-Up: Eat Well Spend Less, What I’m Reading, and More

Happy first day of June! It’s my birthday, and I am anxiously waiting for my oldest to come home from her first camp!

Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this month.

Abby Grace packed and ready to go to camp!

{Links to Check Out}

We are talking entertaining on a budget this month in our Eat Well, Spend Less series. Get great ideas, tips, and more from these awesome bloggers:

12 Tips to Help You Eat Well and Spend Less + Buttermilk Dressing Recipe, from Aimee at Simple Bites
Save Big by Preventing Food Waste at Picnics and Parties, by Carrie of Denver Bargains
Summer Parties on a Budget, by Jessica from Life as MOM
How to Feed 25 People Real Food and not Lose Your Mind, by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship
37 Potluck Dishes for Summer, by Mandi at Easy Homemade
Last-Minute Entertaining + Honey Whole-Wheat Hummingbird Cake Recipe, by Shaina from Food for My Family
Six Tips for a Simple and Frugal Birthday Party, my contribution

{What I’m Reading}

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like lately, but I’m working on Raising Digital Families for Dummies, by my friend Amy Lupold Bair. In my opinion, this is a must read for all parents.

{Looking Back on May}

Cam turned 8 months old, and you can read all about his new tricks! Abby Grace celebrated her 9th birthday, and will have her first sleepover party this Friday. Goodness, how the time flies!

Cam sporting his Daddy’s superman onesie

I am slowly but surely sharing about our trip to Disney. My “Day 3″ post will be up sometime next week :)

I’ve also shared a quick and frugal tip for you homeschoolers.

And don’t forget, there are several quick and easy ways for you to help those Oklahomans affected by the May tornadoes. As most of you know, the OKC metro area was hit again on Friday, so whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

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April Wrap-Up: Eat Well Spend Less, What I’m Reading, and More

Happy end of the month! Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this month :)

{Links to Check Out}

We are celebrating our two-year anniversary this month in our Eat Well, Spend Less series. See how what changes the other ladies have made in the last two years:

12 ways to help you eat well and spend less, + creamy buttermilk dressing recipe, from Aimee at Simple Bites
How my cooking and grocery shopping habits have changed, from Carrie at Denver Bargains
Eating better on a budget, from Jessica at Life as MOM
Brace yourselves… the 2012 food budget may shock you! from Katie at Kitchen Stewardship
Letting go of food guilt and shame, from Mandi at Easy. Homemade.
Looking back on the way we ate, from Shaina at Food for My Family
How I really eat well and spend less, my contribution

We have also started our series on saving money with essential oils.

{What I’m Reading}

On my reading list for this month is a book by my sweet friend, Amy, about raising families in this digital age. I’ve got my copy pre-ordered and I can’t wait for it to come!

{Looking Back on April}

Reese had her 7th birthday party, and we enjoyed time with family that is in from Tennessee. Cam turned seven months old, and we are still nursing and babywearing. Our family is gearing up to go to Disney in a few weeks for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. It will be the first time for all of us (well, Shane went when he was 8), so this is very exciting! In addition to everyone’s first trip to Disney, it will be the first time flying for all of the kiddos, and for Shane since all of the new security measures have been put in place. It is definitely going to be the trip of a lifetime!

How was your April?

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March Wrap-Up: Eat Well Spend Less, What I’m Reading, and More

Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with family, friends, and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this month.

Cam and I with the Minion from Despicable Me 2 at Blissdon

{Links to Check Out}

We are making the transition from winter to spring this month in our Eat Well, Spend Less series. Get great ideas, tips, and more from these awesome bloggers:

Five Things I Plan to do in the Kitchen this Spring and Summer, by Carrie of Denver Bargains
What to do with Spring Produce
, by Jessica from Life as MOM
How to Dehydrate and Preserve Spring Greens, by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship
46 Ways to Serve Fruits and Vegetables at Snack Time, by Mandi at Easy Homemade
Spring Cleaning your Pantry, by Shaina from Food for My Family
Stock-up on Fresh Spring Produce (and what to do with the extra), my contribution

We are also gearing up for a new series on Saving Money with Essential Oils with a very special “guest” writer!

In the Pier 1 suite at Blissdom

{What I’m Reading}

I’ve restarted my Whole30 Challenge, and am currently finishing up the Whole30 companion book, It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways.

At Blissdom last week, I received Jon Acuff’s latest book, Start. I started it immediately after returning home. It. Is. Awesome.

We also received The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome, by Scott Stratten, one of the keynote speakers.

Reese, then and now

{Looking Back on March}

The month has been full of ups and downs. Our sweet Reese celebrated her 7th birthday. Cam turned 6th months old, and is learning so many new tricks. My Mac finally died, though not from lack of care on my part. Apparently, I’m in the tiny percentage of people who have whatever issue it is, and it’s unfixable unless I want to shell out some serious cash. I might as well buy a new one, fixing it costs so much! Blah.

I attended the Blissdom Conference last week, and had the best-looking date evah. I also got to spend time with some of my sweet friends, including Stephanie and Rachel. It was so nice to be around people who “get” me and what I do. It was also awesome getting to see friends I hadn’t seen since Blissdom ’10.

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